Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hey all,

Guess what?! I matched! I will be heading to the Terry Children's Center in New Castle, DE next year for my pre-doctoral internship. It's APA approved, will allow me to do rotations in residential, day treatment, inpatient, assessment, and a juvenile detention center, AND IT'S CLOSE TO HOME. Get ready for me east coast, I'm comin' home.  It was one of the best days I've had so far. I can officially say that I'm one step closer to becoming a licensed psychologist.  I'm so grateful, and had such a great time celebrating with friends that weekend. I can't wait to start a whole new food adventure in the Philly area.

However, now that I matched, my motivation to finish this semester slash write my dissertation proposal is non-existent. Oh well! I'll do what I can. The next few months are going to be action-packed, full of wedding events, graduation, and vacation!!! In order to deal with the (happy) stress of all this excitement, I've been cooking up a storm! Here are some of the recipes we had from last week.

West African peanut soup! My aunt actually texted me the link for this recipe a couple weeks ago, and it is so tasty. We didn't even add any rice or meat, but it was super filling. Here is the link:

Flax and blueberry vanilla overnight oats. CAN WE SAY TEXTURE? Holy moly. These were thick and delicious. Steve and I had them twice during the week. They are a little heavy, but if you need a more filling breakfast to get you through to lunch, these are great. Plus you make them the night before, and can take them on the go. I added blueberries, pecans, and honey to mine. Here is the link:

Home-made ramen. YUM. A much healthier version of ramen, with carrots, mushrooms, and kale. This was relatively quick and easy, a great weeknight meal. Here is the link:

Honey chipotle chicken bowls with lime quinoa. Chock full of flavor and variety. The chicken marinade was super flavorful and I would probably use it again just to spice up regular old chicken. That combined with the avocado, other veggies, and quinoa made this salad super filling. Plus, I'm partial to this blogger because she is so funny and has the best recipes. Here is the recipe:

These different meals kept my week interesting and tasty. However, doing all this food prep is quite time consuming during busier weeks, so I think this week we will keep it more low key. Now for a workout!

I've been really into treadmill circuit workouts lately, but I threw this one in to tone up my tush for Puerto Rico. You do a variety of moves (step-ups, pliet squats, weighted lunges, deadlifts, squat with side leg lifts, superman, lying hamstring curl, donkey kicks, bridge kicks, and ball planks with leg lifts) for 15 reps, three times through. My butt is still burnin'. Here is the link:

Happy eating :)