Saturday, October 12, 2013

Green Smoothies

Hey there foodies.

Well, I am happy to say that I finally have time to write a post after submitting my preliminary exams this past Wednesday morning. It feels good to submit over a hundred pages of writing. Although I still have to work on my internship applications and prepare for the oral defense of prelims, I'm glad that this step is over. I felt like if I wrote another sentence I would become physically ill. So I waited a few days before writing this post :)

I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful roomie who enjoys cooking just as much as me, and was able to pick up the slack on dinners this past month as I spent countless hours in the library. For example, these AMAZING carne asada nachos in the crockpot.

Here is the recipe: Unfortunately Steve made the suggestion that we just eat them right off the pan. Whoops. This meal is great for a just takes a little time in the morning to saute the steak a bit before putting it in the crockpot with your favorite beer. 6 hours later, prepare to come home to the best smelling apartment ever.

Another quick idea for busy weeknights was this meal:

Steve and I are all about chicken and veggies as a quick meal to throw together after class or work. But the addition of this avocado, chickpea, and feta salad was a nice addition to the plate :) It was very flavorful, and an easy recipe that I would consider making for lunch or to bring to a party. Here is the recipe:

Finally, spending all weekend in the library is not great for the activity level. As much as I've been trying to eat relatively healthy and exercise, I have mostly been eating a ton of fried cheese curds. I wish I could say I regret this but..cheese curds are the most delicious food on the planet. I have tried to counteract the cheese curds and other fried choices with this green smoothie recipe. I made this every morning for breakfast this past week, and it was SO refreshing. PLUS the recipe is from LC who was probably the most normal person on Laguna Beach/The Hills.

Here is the recipe: Shredded coconut on top?! GENIUS. Next week I think I might try the overnight oats! Please note cute kitten in corner attempting to steal my nutritious snacks.

He is so handsome. And also the devil. 

 I will also leave you with a workout that I like. I've done this a few times already, once every 89 years when I'm not stuffing my face with fried cheese. It's a combination of a Tabata circuit and a butt workout.

burpees 20 sec/10 sec rest
jumping jacks 20 sec/10 sec rest
x 4 minutes

20-30 reps squats
20-30 reps plie squats

30 sec pushups
30 sec walking lunges
x 4 minutes

20-30 donkey kicks
20-30 fire hydrant

High knees 20 sec/10 sec rest
Side leaps 20 sec/10 sec rest

20-30 circling donkey kicks
20-30 Split jumps

30 sec rows
30 sec squat shoulder press
x 3

20-30 skaters
20-30 hip lifts

jump squats 20 sec/10 sec rest
mountain climbers 20 sec/10 sec rest
x 4 minutes

20-30 lunge kicks

30 sec reverse lunges
30 sec planks

Happy eating!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Update

So it is August.

Well...let's be real. It's almost September. Despite my best efforts, even when I'm slightly less busy I can still only manage to update this thing once a month. Oh well, sorry I'm not sorry. My life isn't interesting enough to post more than that. I wouldn't want to bore you :)

Now for a brief summary of what I have been up to since I last posted:

1. I was in my gorgeous friend Sierra's beautiful wedding and got to spend an amazing weekend with my girlfriends from college. The dancing was plentiful, as was the champagne.

2. Laughed my bum off at my cousin's bridal shower where I pretended to be her fiance answering questions about her [note: I got more right than he did...obviously your favorite movie is Fools Rush In, Em. Duh.]

3. Got to spend so much quality time with my family. I galavanted around Milwaukee with my Mom, drinking wine and eating small plates. I read and ran errands with my Dad. I taught my sister what "Beelzebub" means. Drank vodka gimlets and actually relaxed. Basically had a ball.

4. Reunited with my Italy loves in Boston (minus the lovely Katie Waldeisen unfortunately). Walked around the North end, went to the Sam Adams Brewery, and ate eggplant fries.

5. Got offered a job working part-time at Greenfield Public School District as a psychometrician! This is going to be one crazy semester, full of finishing up classes, internship applications, and weddings. But also exciting :)

For your eating pleasure, I have two recipes (but only one picture) and a workout.

Chipotle Lime Grilled Chicken with Avocado Ranch

I was sneaking bites of this avocado ranch all week, and put it on EVERYTHING. It makes the best sauce/dressing. I didn't grill this chicken because it was raining, so I just sauteed it with some asparagus and squash. I also made the rest of the orzo we had and added a little parmesan cheese :) Here's the recipe for the chicken and avocado ranch:

I also made an amazing chopped cashew chicken salad with chili dusted mango. I don't have a picture because my camera had no battery left and I was experiencing an extreme case of hangriness so could not wait to eat. This salad was light and flavorful, and didn't even need dressing. Great week night dinner. Here's the recipe:

I just tried this workout the other day...great combination of cardio/strength. This blogger is wonderful and frequently posts workouts that she creates. Here's the link to this one:

I'll try to keep posting, but I may fall behind because I'm pretty sure I won't have time to breathe this semester. But, cheers to my last year of school, and finding out where I'll be completing my internship :) Happy eating!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Good morning everyone!

My life as of late has consisted of:

1. Way too many smoothies.
2. Bastille Days (food consumed at Bastille Days includes super french options such as crab rangoon and tacos...wait what).
3. Volleyball (both watching and sucking at).
4. Reading amazingly hilarious books like Bossypants and the Mindy Kaling one #behindthetimes
5. Pretending to work on my preliminary exams at cute coffee shops but really downloading the whole soundtrack from Parenthood
6....watching all three seasons of Parenthood...
7. waiting until the next socially appropriate time to eat peanut butter in a given day.

In other news, here are three more recipes for my breakfast/lunch/dinner sequence!

4 Ingredient Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Um so easy and so yum. Easy because, let's be serious, 4 ingredients. So yum and thick and flufffffffffyyyyy. Also I added chocolate chips to the batter (duh) and topped mine with bananas, raspberries, and honey. Yes, I'm weird and don't totally love syrup on my pancakes. When I was younger, I actually used to specifically ask my aunt for powdered sugar to put on the ones she made me in the morning. I know..I should be cast away and isolated from all society. Here's the recipe:

Tuna Salad (Original recipe whaaaaat!)

This is what I have been eating for lunch the past couple of weeks. I make this tuna salad with greek yogurt, so it's a little healthier than your average tuna salad and I also add some fun stuff. It's easy, tasty, and fills me up.


What ya need:
1 can of tuna (in water)
3 TBL plain greek yogurt
2 TBL mustard
Salt and peppa
Garlic powder (just a sprinkle..I know my amounts are so exact)
2 stalks of celery, chopped
Chopped pecans (whatever amount ya like!)
Craisins (whatever amount ya like!)
1 cup fresh spinach
A sprinkling of fresh dill if you have it!

What ya do:
Mix it all together and enjoy! I had some fresh raspberries and grapes on the side. This makes for a nice, healthy, and fresh lunch. Just so everyone knows, I usually split this recipe in half across 2 days if you would like to do that.

Chicken Bombs (warning-Steve's choice...)


 Whoa mamma are these not so good for you but so good in your mouth. They consist of a half of a jalapeno, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in chicken, which is then wrapped in bacon. Add a little BBQ sauce and you are good to go. I served it with plenty of carrots to balance it out. Although there was plenty of brown sugar in the

Here's the recipe:

Things I am excited for:

2. I'm reading "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" and learning a lot about myths of lifting weights for us ladies. I'm thinking about doing before/after pictures..thoughts?
3. SO many weddings! Our fridge is littered with invitations so it makes it hard to see the Chinese take out menu which is disappointing.
4. Going to Chicago tonight. Will report on amazing food consumed. Hopefully will be more ethnically appropriate than eating crab rangoon and tacos at a French festival...


Friday, June 28, 2013

Flavor bomb.



I discovered this flavor combo by accident. Steve's brother Sean was visiting this past weekend, and I realized he had never had Nutella before. WHAT. UNACCEPTABLE. Obviously I immediately dragged everyone to the store to pick some up and then proceeded to eat the whole jar myself. Sean got a bite, relax...

So I was trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast. I chopped up some fresh strawberries, and mixed a spoonful (heaping) of Nutella with half of a TOASTED COCONUT VANILLA oikos greek yogurt.  Come on now. This will blow your mind. It was a light breakfast, albeit a little too sweet for everyday.


Kale quinoa cakes with avocado. Yes. Steve actually cooked these up, as I got home from work late and was grumpy and lethargic. As I grunted at him slumped over on the counter, he whipped these up and they were amazing. Super healthy, and actually very filling. We cooked up some broccoli and spinach with lemon to eat with it. If you are a vegetarian, this would be a super yummy and filling meal. I was actually craving them the next day, and we had leftovers for lunch, plus some extra! Here is the recipe:


Here is the ultimate winner winner chicken dinner, the true flavor bomb. I have been drinking these after my workouts for the past few weeks and I can't get enough of them. It almost encourages me to work out more just so I can have one. 

These are the ingredients for a mocha peanut butter smoothie recipe from one of my favorite bloggers. It has some healthy stuff and some not so healthy stuff, but many of my favorite flavor combinations: chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee. 

I never knew what the deal was with putting spinach in smoothies, but you really can't taste it and it adds a lot of great texture. YUM. I already had one this morning and I want another one. Please do yourself a favor and go make one right now. Here is the recipe:


Here is a great strength workout that has been my favorite for a couple weeks now. Sometimes I do a half hour of cardio (running or bike) before, or sometimes I incorporate some high intensity cardio in between the strength exercises. Whatever floats your boat. Choose your weight and reps, and I promise you will be sore the next day.

Bicep curls
Stationary lunges
Shoulder press
Pliet squats
Bent over rows
Walking lunges
Bent over shoulder flies
Single leg deadlifts
Tricep extensions
Squats with calf raises
Hammer curls
Skull crusher

This weekend will be full of birthday celebrations, psychological evaluations at the clinic, and hopefully amazing music at Summerfest :) Happy eating!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Eats

It's June! And it's sunny in Milwaukee! ANDDDDD we've been able to sit out by the pool a few times :)

My life lately has consisted of: margaritas by the pool, bachelorette parties, frequent hangovers, getting my name on multiple poster proposals for the National Association of School Psychology conference next year, food tours, researching internship sites for next year, snapchats, and grilling. A mix of productivity and ridiculousness it seems.

Summer is wonderful. One of my favorite parts of summer is the light and refreshing meals. My schedule this summer is also pretty flexible since I am only taking one online class and starting to transition a lot of my clients at the clinic. This creates a lot more time to plan meals and come up with creative concoctions in the kitchen.

This post includes a recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All yummy and easy to make.

I've been struggling lately to come up with tasty and healthy breakfast options. I saw these mini waffles at the store and decided to try them out for a week.

I just put half of a greek yogurt and some fresh strawberries on top, and it was sweet and filling. I only toasted them for a minute or two..I learned this the hard way one morning when I left them in too long and burned them. I just flipped them over and pretended they tasted good.

For lunch, I made a big portion of these kale soba noodles. I left out the miso (mostly because I didn't have any and our grocery store does not have a very diverse selection) but it was still awesome. Steve liked it too, and it lasted for lunches all week.

It wasn't the prettiest looking dish, but it packed a punch of flavor and was super light. Here's the link to the recipe:

Finally, I've been joking with some of my friends that I have been trying to eat "fake" paleo. I've been trying to cut down on carbs and dairy, and eat more lean meats and veggies. This has proven very difficult, mostly due to my ongoing love affair with pasta. Obviously the waffles and yogurt and pasta recipes that I just described clearly depict my struggle with this daunting task. However, the past two weeks I've been doing a pretty good job, and the following dinner was a success.

This was roasted chicken thighs with fennel and lemon. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of adding some of my leftover kale, which soaked up the AWESOME flavor of the juices. But, it was still very tasty and healthy. Steve thought it was great too, and I think we will definitely make this again. It was a pretty cheap and quick option for a weeknight dinner.

Here's the recipe:

So, Steve's brother is coming to visit this upcoming week, and I need some ideas for fantastic meals to serve (when we are not exploring restaurants in the area). Any suggestions?

Happy eating, and a happy father's day to my wonderful Pappa, a huge supporter of cooking and other food/beverage-related activities :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baked goods.

Hey there! I told you I would be better about posting. Let's see how long this lasts.

So I told you that I had one of my first true baking successes. About a month ago, it was my friend Alex's birthday. Months before, he was over our apartment, drinking Trader Joe's wine and eating a family dinner. As we were browsing through Food Network magazines, we came across an awesome issue that had birthday cakes for every month of the year. The first one I made was the maple walnut cake for Steve's birthday, which was only a minor failure. This was a black and white mocha cake. I agreed to make it for Alex's birthday without much of a thought. My, my this cake was a labor of love, but so much fun and it came out pretty beautifully.

I made all FOUR (that's right, four) cakes the night before, because I am notoriously known for being too impatient to frost my cakes before they've cooled.

The next morning, I made the frosting and the ganache. Holy moly. This cake was GOOD.

Making sure it didn't topple over proved very difficult. There were a few moments of panic, but all went well.

I was also very fearful when cutting the cake, but surprisingly that went okay too.  I mean, how could this four layer cake cut in one whole piece? And how were people supposed to eat it!?!?! Man this cake was anxiety inducing. Lucky the birthday gods were shining down on Alex, because I cut that cake like a friggin surgeon. I should probably stop bragging, but I do believe this might be my one successful baking experience EVER. Here is the link for the recipe:

I also made some pretty good cupcakes for my friend Josh's birthday...I didn't take any pictures but the link is here: Peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate cheesecake frosting. How could those not be good? Wish me luck in all my future baking endeavors! For now I'll just stick to shoving Dove chocolates in my face every night.

Happy eating!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's pretend this post isn't over 2 months late...

Oh hey there remember that time that I had a food blog that I tried to post in at least once a month?

That being said, this was the HARDEST SEMESTER EVA. I'm glad it is over so I can go back to posting pics of delishie food instead of writing up confusing SAS syntax for my statistics class.

A quick update over the last couple months...

We got a kitten (if you didn't know already by the bajillions of pictures I post all over the internet). His name is Ernie and he is the devil/the cutest.

 It was a million people's birthdays, and I actually had not one but TWO successful baking experiences! WHATTTT?!?! No way. Stay tuned for my next post, including the masterpiece.

I went to Denver with two of my besties. I ate amazing food (including an out-of-this-world macaroni and cheese burrito at a diners, drive-ins, and dives restaurant, featured below), drank beerfloats, and hiked with gorgeous views.

I'm currently on this new kick of making something really cool for lunch for the week.  Here's been my favorite so far: Thai quinoa salad.

This was so so yum. Textures galore, and peanut butter was involved. Need I say more? Plus, it made enough for a decent sized lunch for the majority of the week. Find the recipe here:

Now, to make up for being absent for a few months, I have some recipes saved up and will try to update much more frequently :) But, first I will leave you with our dinner from this evening: mini cheddar BBQ turkey meatloaf, wild mushroom rice pilaf, and roasted asparagus. It took less than 30 minutes tops.

I got the recipe for the meatloaf on pinterest ( Steve took care of this part, and basically you just toss everything together and put everything into muffin tins! The rice pilaf was from the box (Near East) and the asparagus I roasted for ten minutes with some olive oil, parmesan cheese, and garlic salt at 375 degrees.

Happy eating!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Surprise cakes and sweet potatoes.

Remember the month of February?

I don't. Neither does this blog I guess.

However, there have been some amazing meals this month. There has also been some tragedy...I gave up desserts again for Lent. This has resulted in compensating with wine and huge spoonfuls of peanut butter. That's not dessert right? If so...sorry God. Gotta have me some peanut butter. Necessary protein.

I don't know why, but I always manage to increase my baking frequency when I CANNOT EAT BAKED GOODS. That, or there are always more baked goods in my vicinity. Here are some explicit examples.

Example 1: Valentine's Day. What a cruel joke to have Valentine's Day THE DAY AFTER LENT STARTS.  Come on. I can't eat roses. Steve's Mom sent us AMAZING looking chocolate covered strawberries and mini cheesecake bites. I glared at Steve as he ate them, with looks full of spite and resentment. I tried to convince him to freeze them, but he said the instructions said to eat them within 48 hours...I should probably double check that.

Example 2: Steve's birthday is in February. I threw him a little surprise dinner with some friends at an amazing southern restaurant in Tosa. I also lied to his face (which I'm terrible at by the way) and told him I was going shopping while I actually baked him a maple walnut cake at Caroline's apartment, while she made Kahlua cupcakes. I'm pretty sure the cake was full of longing tears from when I was mixing the batter. Find the recipe for the cake here:

Don't worry, I drank plenty of Kahlua to wash away the pain.

Example 3: I don't know why everyone and their mother is born in February, but I also baked a chocolate chip cookie pie for my co-therapist and our girls' trauma group. They told me that I was "old" because I was in my twenties, then demolished the pie. I'm overwhelmed with their appreciation. Find the recipe here: I would highly recommend was CRAZY easy and looked amazing. I bought two frozen pie shells at the store so I can make it again after Easter.

I'll stop complaining about limiting my sugar intake and share some highlights of recipes from February. One of my favorites comes from my Uncles Doug and Charlie. It doesn't even have a recipe because it's so easy; the perfect meal to throw together on a whim. Pick out any type of sausage you like (I usually go for chicken sausage), and sautee it with kale and white beans. AMAZING flavor, and takes probably less than 10 minutes.

Yummo. Steve and I also did an all Ina night, in celebration of my two new Barefoot Contessa cookbook. 

Lemon thyme chicken, roasted cauliflower and cous cous with pine nuts. Check out her cookbooks Foolproof and Back to Basics for the recipes. Here are some links that have similar recipes:, (substituted spinach for currants), and

Finally, I made a sweet potato chipotle soup with avocado.  It was DELISH. Little difficult to get the right amount of salt, but it was tasty and can easily be made vegan. It was actually a vegan dish, but I ended up using regular milk instead of almond milk.

I microwaved the sweet potatoes for 10 minutes to soften them a bit, and then only ended up baking them for about 10 minutes. I used an immersion blender to get the consistency, and it was spicy and tasty.

Happy eating :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fusilli and Pomegranates

Hello all!

I hope everyone had an amazing week :) I know I did! It was chock full of classes starting back up, resilient and inspirational young ladies in my girls trauma group, coffee, editing training materials for Head Start teachers, cheese sticks, Walking Dead, honey lime enchiladas, coronas, volleyball games, and naps. What was your week full of?

I am about to share a very special recipe with you. As you all know, I am a big fan of the Barefoot Contessa. I believe I get this admiration from my mother, who has refused to make anything non-Ina Garten for the past several years. Just kidding, but sort of it's true a little bit. This recipe also has some special memories that come with it. The first time my mom and I made this, I was on winter break from UConn. Doug and Charlie were going to look at houses in Minneapolis, and my Mom and I went to stay at their beautiful apartment in Manhattan to watch their dog. My cousin Emily joined us, and so did my friend Tiffani. We had a blast walking around the city, going to the wax museum, drinking under-aged margaritas (oops), and buying cheap shirts from Old Navy. We decided to make dinner, and bought a bunch of delightfully fresh ingredients from a little Italian market right by their apartment. We wore our new shirts, made martinis, and soaked up the NYC feel in that gorgeous apartment. This dish really brought the whole weekend together, and I swear it has magical powers.

It is creamy, tangy, and DEFINITELY not healthy. But if you utilize some portion control, it's not the worst, and will last you a few dinners/lunches. It is the BOMB. Here's where you can find the recipe, although ignore the broccoli part unless you are eating it as a side:

Isn't this dish like a piece of art? I could seriously stare at it ALL DAY. and eat it ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Also is there anything better than frozen texas toast made in a toaster oven? Probably, but I don't want to know what it is. ALSO I'm asking a lot of questions today.

My next recipe to share is a Cate Reynolds ORIGINALLLLL WHAAAAAT!?!?! Craaaaaaaazy. It was inspired when Steve and I said to each other at the grocery store, "Why yes my love. Why WOULDN'T we get this pomegranate?". I've always wanted to try to cut open my own pomegranate, and when Steve said that our latest issue of Food Network magazine had good suggestions, I jumped at the opportunity. Steve lied of course...we could not find the article. Alas, that is what the internet is for.

Pomegranate seeds can badly stain clothes, so we cracked it open in a bowl of water. It was suprisingly easy to cut open with a knife, and pulling the seeds out worked well. The seeds sunk to the bottom, and the extra bits floated to the top. Easy peezy. I would recommend this method to anyone.

I'm pretty much obsessed with these seeds. I ate them all week for breakfast, on english muffins with better n' peanut butter, a healthier version of peanut butter (not as good, duh). I also plan on putting them in a protein smoothie later today after my workout. BUT, this particular night, we incorporated them into a dessert. A somewhat healthier dessert maybe, I don't know. I'm no expert and I didn't care to look it up.

The ingredients: pomegranate seeds, chocolate chips, the greek gods honey greek yogurt.
Directions: Mix together. Enjoy tasty chocolately explosion in mouth.

Even Steve agreed, and his desserts usually include three cups of whipped cream and sugary cereals. So if you are looking for a little something after dinner to satisfy that sweet tooth..try this. It's super flavorful and won't totally ruin your caloric intake for the day.

Happy eating! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lazy blogger.

Remember that time that I did not post ever? Like in two months?

Hello. I am still in my post-final high. I did a little experiment this semester to see if I can live a semi-normal human life, by doing my homework in the morning, in order to make night time and weekend homework completion minimal. The outcome was quite positive, so let's see how far I can push the slacking this next semester.

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday full of family, friends, and maybe a little treat or two. I had ten. Almond joys that is. As well as a plethora of delicious Christmas cookies. Here was my list this year for my annual exchange with Steve's Mom:

Chinese noodle cookies (made by the lovely Ms. Molly Reynolds)
Andes mint cookies
Peanut blossoms (even tastier with a dark chocolate hershey kiss, with a little extra crisp from Ms. Cathy Reynolds)
Pretzel rolo bites
White chocolate cinnamon pretzels

We wanted to make more cookies, but who has time for that with all the episodes of Wings to watch, cocktails to dream up, and shopping to finish? I still have another season left in case you were wondering.

My time home was previous as usual. I was also lucky enough to celebrate my cousin's wedding with my whole family. It was a beautiful ceremony, and the reception was full of classic Reynolds shenanigans. ANDDD my other cousin, the gorgeous Emily Reynolds, got ENGAGED on New Year's Eve! I am so thrilled for both her and her fiance. I also had a rather silly New Year's Eve, complete with spraying champagne on the ceiling, escargot, and Big Macs.  It has been such an exciting and fun-filled month, so I am just going to pretend that time is not passing. That's healthy right?

I have had many a meal since I last posted, so I am sorting through to try to pick the best ones to share. First, let's go back to a family dinner a few months ago with my Milwaukee bffz Tracie and Caroline.

Caroline and I brought dessert and wine, and Tracie put this delicious trio together herself. She made a cold Asian noodle salad, with crockpot chicken in peanut sauce, and homemade fried rice! I don't have the exact recipe, but peanut sauce you can buy by the bottle and just use (generously in my case) with many different dishes. I did look up a recipe for the salad, because that stuff is like CRACK and I want to eat it all day everyday.  Here is a recipe I might try by Guy Fieri:

Next was a one dish wonder. I've been trying to reconfigure my weeknight meals, seeing as I usually don't get home until 8:30 most nights, and Steve is about to start his crazy rotations. I'll be doing more research on make ahead meals and freeze ready stuff. So..more to come on that later.

This was pretty perfect for that. Chicken Tetrazzini combines a bunch of my fave ingredients (mostly pasta...and peas).  It involved some minor prep work, and then throwing it all in the oven. What could be better? Here's the recipe:


Finally, I am truly spoiling you with this recipe: Chicken and butternut squash stew. It was blow-your-mind, make-again-every-other-week kind of good stuff. Also the recipe made a BOAT LOAD, and it produced several dinners for both Steve and I, as well as some lunches.  The stew was CRAZY with flavor, and is perfect for a chilly night. This also might be a good time to stock up on spices that you always wish you had, but don't use enough to invest in, as many of them are called for here. I didn't have any plain yogurt, so we used sour cream, but yogurt would have tasted just as good if not better. Also I totally ignored the preserved lemon aspect of the recipe, as I tend to do. Also, I got an Iphone over Christmas, and downloaded an app called "food on the table". It's an app to help organize recipes, meal plan, and keep track of groceries. I thought this would help my flaws related to not reading recipes all the way and buying the wrong ingredients. Spoiler alert: it doesn't. is the recipe:

As for working out....hmm...I did try that once sometime ago...

But seriously I found a great website for at-home workouts with no equipment, for times that I go home for the holiday. This blogger is excellent, plus has a cute blog name. Here is the link to her at home workouts: I'm also pretty pumped about a cookbook I just got. I'm very picky about my cookbooks, and have only really found one that I use frequently enough that I can honestly say I've made about half of the recipes in the book (the seam is broken and pages are falling out..). So, I was pleasantly surprised to see the new edition of Great Food Fast, Fresh Flavor Fast, at Barnes and Noble the other day. This series offers a variety of simple dishes with a short list of ingredients so it's easy on the wallet, packed with flavor so it's easy on the palette, and relatively healthy (easy on the caboose). I would highly recommend Great Food Fast, and will keep you updated about Fresh Flavor. I've been thumbing through it the past few days, and I can see that it looks like it has great potential.

In 2013, I resolve to continue slacking on my blog posts when I am busy with school work, and to continue watching Wings and eating kit-kats. Speaking of...some peppermint bark is calling my name. I'm going to go take care of that...

Happy eating!