Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Eats

It's June! And it's sunny in Milwaukee! ANDDDDD we've been able to sit out by the pool a few times :)

My life lately has consisted of: margaritas by the pool, bachelorette parties, frequent hangovers, getting my name on multiple poster proposals for the National Association of School Psychology conference next year, food tours, researching internship sites for next year, snapchats, and grilling. A mix of productivity and ridiculousness it seems.

Summer is wonderful. One of my favorite parts of summer is the light and refreshing meals. My schedule this summer is also pretty flexible since I am only taking one online class and starting to transition a lot of my clients at the clinic. This creates a lot more time to plan meals and come up with creative concoctions in the kitchen.

This post includes a recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All yummy and easy to make.

I've been struggling lately to come up with tasty and healthy breakfast options. I saw these mini waffles at the store and decided to try them out for a week.

I just put half of a greek yogurt and some fresh strawberries on top, and it was sweet and filling. I only toasted them for a minute or two..I learned this the hard way one morning when I left them in too long and burned them. I just flipped them over and pretended they tasted good.

For lunch, I made a big portion of these kale soba noodles. I left out the miso (mostly because I didn't have any and our grocery store does not have a very diverse selection) but it was still awesome. Steve liked it too, and it lasted for lunches all week.

It wasn't the prettiest looking dish, but it packed a punch of flavor and was super light. Here's the link to the recipe:

Finally, I've been joking with some of my friends that I have been trying to eat "fake" paleo. I've been trying to cut down on carbs and dairy, and eat more lean meats and veggies. This has proven very difficult, mostly due to my ongoing love affair with pasta. Obviously the waffles and yogurt and pasta recipes that I just described clearly depict my struggle with this daunting task. However, the past two weeks I've been doing a pretty good job, and the following dinner was a success.

This was roasted chicken thighs with fennel and lemon. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of adding some of my leftover kale, which soaked up the AWESOME flavor of the juices. But, it was still very tasty and healthy. Steve thought it was great too, and I think we will definitely make this again. It was a pretty cheap and quick option for a weeknight dinner.

Here's the recipe:

So, Steve's brother is coming to visit this upcoming week, and I need some ideas for fantastic meals to serve (when we are not exploring restaurants in the area). Any suggestions?

Happy eating, and a happy father's day to my wonderful Pappa, a huge supporter of cooking and other food/beverage-related activities :)

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