Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Update

So it is August.

Well...let's be real. It's almost September. Despite my best efforts, even when I'm slightly less busy I can still only manage to update this thing once a month. Oh well, sorry I'm not sorry. My life isn't interesting enough to post more than that. I wouldn't want to bore you :)

Now for a brief summary of what I have been up to since I last posted:

1. I was in my gorgeous friend Sierra's beautiful wedding and got to spend an amazing weekend with my girlfriends from college. The dancing was plentiful, as was the champagne.

2. Laughed my bum off at my cousin's bridal shower where I pretended to be her fiance answering questions about her [note: I got more right than he did...obviously your favorite movie is Fools Rush In, Em. Duh.]

3. Got to spend so much quality time with my family. I galavanted around Milwaukee with my Mom, drinking wine and eating small plates. I read and ran errands with my Dad. I taught my sister what "Beelzebub" means. Drank vodka gimlets and actually relaxed. Basically had a ball.

4. Reunited with my Italy loves in Boston (minus the lovely Katie Waldeisen unfortunately). Walked around the North end, went to the Sam Adams Brewery, and ate eggplant fries.

5. Got offered a job working part-time at Greenfield Public School District as a psychometrician! This is going to be one crazy semester, full of finishing up classes, internship applications, and weddings. But also exciting :)

For your eating pleasure, I have two recipes (but only one picture) and a workout.

Chipotle Lime Grilled Chicken with Avocado Ranch

I was sneaking bites of this avocado ranch all week, and put it on EVERYTHING. It makes the best sauce/dressing. I didn't grill this chicken because it was raining, so I just sauteed it with some asparagus and squash. I also made the rest of the orzo we had and added a little parmesan cheese :) Here's the recipe for the chicken and avocado ranch:

I also made an amazing chopped cashew chicken salad with chili dusted mango. I don't have a picture because my camera had no battery left and I was experiencing an extreme case of hangriness so could not wait to eat. This salad was light and flavorful, and didn't even need dressing. Great week night dinner. Here's the recipe:

I just tried this workout the other day...great combination of cardio/strength. This blogger is wonderful and frequently posts workouts that she creates. Here's the link to this one:

I'll try to keep posting, but I may fall behind because I'm pretty sure I won't have time to breathe this semester. But, cheers to my last year of school, and finding out where I'll be completing my internship :) Happy eating!

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