Saturday, July 13, 2013


Good morning everyone!

My life as of late has consisted of:

1. Way too many smoothies.
2. Bastille Days (food consumed at Bastille Days includes super french options such as crab rangoon and tacos...wait what).
3. Volleyball (both watching and sucking at).
4. Reading amazingly hilarious books like Bossypants and the Mindy Kaling one #behindthetimes
5. Pretending to work on my preliminary exams at cute coffee shops but really downloading the whole soundtrack from Parenthood
6....watching all three seasons of Parenthood...
7. waiting until the next socially appropriate time to eat peanut butter in a given day.

In other news, here are three more recipes for my breakfast/lunch/dinner sequence!

4 Ingredient Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Um so easy and so yum. Easy because, let's be serious, 4 ingredients. So yum and thick and flufffffffffyyyyy. Also I added chocolate chips to the batter (duh) and topped mine with bananas, raspberries, and honey. Yes, I'm weird and don't totally love syrup on my pancakes. When I was younger, I actually used to specifically ask my aunt for powdered sugar to put on the ones she made me in the morning. I know..I should be cast away and isolated from all society. Here's the recipe:

Tuna Salad (Original recipe whaaaaat!)

This is what I have been eating for lunch the past couple of weeks. I make this tuna salad with greek yogurt, so it's a little healthier than your average tuna salad and I also add some fun stuff. It's easy, tasty, and fills me up.


What ya need:
1 can of tuna (in water)
3 TBL plain greek yogurt
2 TBL mustard
Salt and peppa
Garlic powder (just a sprinkle..I know my amounts are so exact)
2 stalks of celery, chopped
Chopped pecans (whatever amount ya like!)
Craisins (whatever amount ya like!)
1 cup fresh spinach
A sprinkling of fresh dill if you have it!

What ya do:
Mix it all together and enjoy! I had some fresh raspberries and grapes on the side. This makes for a nice, healthy, and fresh lunch. Just so everyone knows, I usually split this recipe in half across 2 days if you would like to do that.

Chicken Bombs (warning-Steve's choice...)


 Whoa mamma are these not so good for you but so good in your mouth. They consist of a half of a jalapeno, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in chicken, which is then wrapped in bacon. Add a little BBQ sauce and you are good to go. I served it with plenty of carrots to balance it out. Although there was plenty of brown sugar in the

Here's the recipe:

Things I am excited for:

2. I'm reading "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" and learning a lot about myths of lifting weights for us ladies. I'm thinking about doing before/after pictures..thoughts?
3. SO many weddings! Our fridge is littered with invitations so it makes it hard to see the Chinese take out menu which is disappointing.
4. Going to Chicago tonight. Will report on amazing food consumed. Hopefully will be more ethnically appropriate than eating crab rangoon and tacos at a French festival...


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