Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fusilli and Pomegranates

Hello all!

I hope everyone had an amazing week :) I know I did! It was chock full of classes starting back up, resilient and inspirational young ladies in my girls trauma group, coffee, editing training materials for Head Start teachers, cheese sticks, Walking Dead, honey lime enchiladas, coronas, volleyball games, and naps. What was your week full of?

I am about to share a very special recipe with you. As you all know, I am a big fan of the Barefoot Contessa. I believe I get this admiration from my mother, who has refused to make anything non-Ina Garten for the past several years. Just kidding, but sort of it's true a little bit. This recipe also has some special memories that come with it. The first time my mom and I made this, I was on winter break from UConn. Doug and Charlie were going to look at houses in Minneapolis, and my Mom and I went to stay at their beautiful apartment in Manhattan to watch their dog. My cousin Emily joined us, and so did my friend Tiffani. We had a blast walking around the city, going to the wax museum, drinking under-aged margaritas (oops), and buying cheap shirts from Old Navy. We decided to make dinner, and bought a bunch of delightfully fresh ingredients from a little Italian market right by their apartment. We wore our new shirts, made martinis, and soaked up the NYC feel in that gorgeous apartment. This dish really brought the whole weekend together, and I swear it has magical powers.

It is creamy, tangy, and DEFINITELY not healthy. But if you utilize some portion control, it's not the worst, and will last you a few dinners/lunches. It is the BOMB. Here's where you can find the recipe, although ignore the broccoli part unless you are eating it as a side:

Isn't this dish like a piece of art? I could seriously stare at it ALL DAY. and eat it ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Also is there anything better than frozen texas toast made in a toaster oven? Probably, but I don't want to know what it is. ALSO I'm asking a lot of questions today.

My next recipe to share is a Cate Reynolds ORIGINALLLLL WHAAAAAT!?!?! Craaaaaaaazy. It was inspired when Steve and I said to each other at the grocery store, "Why yes my love. Why WOULDN'T we get this pomegranate?". I've always wanted to try to cut open my own pomegranate, and when Steve said that our latest issue of Food Network magazine had good suggestions, I jumped at the opportunity. Steve lied of course...we could not find the article. Alas, that is what the internet is for.

Pomegranate seeds can badly stain clothes, so we cracked it open in a bowl of water. It was suprisingly easy to cut open with a knife, and pulling the seeds out worked well. The seeds sunk to the bottom, and the extra bits floated to the top. Easy peezy. I would recommend this method to anyone.

I'm pretty much obsessed with these seeds. I ate them all week for breakfast, on english muffins with better n' peanut butter, a healthier version of peanut butter (not as good, duh). I also plan on putting them in a protein smoothie later today after my workout. BUT, this particular night, we incorporated them into a dessert. A somewhat healthier dessert maybe, I don't know. I'm no expert and I didn't care to look it up.

The ingredients: pomegranate seeds, chocolate chips, the greek gods honey greek yogurt.
Directions: Mix together. Enjoy tasty chocolately explosion in mouth.

Even Steve agreed, and his desserts usually include three cups of whipped cream and sugary cereals. So if you are looking for a little something after dinner to satisfy that sweet tooth..try this. It's super flavorful and won't totally ruin your caloric intake for the day.

Happy eating! :)

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