Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thai Peanut Crack Noodles...

Hey there bloggers! And followers...and everyone. This is a judgment free zone. I know it's been awhile, but I was studying for my Praxis exam aka hell on earth. AKA not sure I passed so I will keep you updated. I enjoyed celebrating after it was done however...

Also, Steve's brother Kevin and his girlfriend Bri matched together for Ohio State for their residence next year! Very exciting. However, it did remind me that time is FLYING, as they will be moving to Ohio in like 2 months..yikes! I have also been watching an unhealthy amount of old Saturday Night Live episodes, and am thinking about dropping out of school to join the show. This would be much easier if I was funny. In other news, my friend Tiffani is traveling all around the Dominican Republic for Peace Corps, and I am stuck here trying to change the lives of urban youths (shout out to new girl). So a little bit you Tiff.

I would be more jealous however, if it wasn't so darn gorgeous out. This has led to much exercising outside, aka running. Here is a quick at-home exercise that I have been trying recently after about 45 minutes of running outside.

80 jumping jacks
50 leg crunches
20 sit-ups
15 tricep dips
20 squats
15 side lunges (per leg)
50 bicycle crunches
15 push-ups
40 russian twists

Repeat it as many times as you like, feel free to add or subtract reps, and change the weight up if you like. I like these shorter circuits because you go through them quickly, and it targets multiple muscle groups.

Onto the food!! I've made some pretty delish recipes. On Monday night, Steve and I made a sweet potato cream pasta with crispy kale. It's a recipe I found from my favorite blogger, How Sweet Eats and the recipe can be found here:

I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the flavor combination. Though it's a bit starchy, it was very easy, and made me realize that it would be cheap/fun/yummy to make crispy kale chips as a snack. You'd be surprised at how crunchy these suckers get.

A few weeks ago, I made another dish that I will refer to as crack cocaine. It was seriously SO good and SO easy and I want to make it everyday and you should make it tonight or else. I've included some pictures, and the recipe can be found here:

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and soaking up this never know in Wisconsin. I'll update again soon about my St. Patrick's day feast that included home made corned beef!!!! I thought it was horrible, but at least our guests lied to us and said it was good :) Love you Delara and Garth!

Happy eating!

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