Sunday, April 22, 2012

Israeli Cous Cous

Hello friends.

It's been a busy few weeks. Full of healthy eating and exercise? Sadly, no. Full of alcohol and general laziness. Although, I do recommend Jillian Michael's exercise videos like Ripped in 30 and 30 Day Shred. They're challenging, but if you are feeling lazy and are in need of a quick workout, these will get you sweatin'.

Last week, I made a recipe that was fantastic. It was super easy, tasty, and healthy. It also lasted FOREVA. I mean, I still have some leftovers in the fridge. This could also be due to the fact that I went out for tacos and margaritas twice this week (what!?) and pretty much ate chips and dip and booze this weekend. The stripper at the bachelorette party may have inhibited my appetite somewhat. This did not stop me from stuffing my face full of salt and vinegar chips, Scotcharoos, and gummy bears. Hopefully I'll be able to fit into my bridesmaid dress come June.

Anyways, here is the link for the recipe. It's called Israeli cous cous with chickpeas, brussel sprouts,  and asparagus. I used whole wheat cous cous instead and it was DE-LISH. This recipe is one of five "nutritious springtime recipes" from so feel free to browse.


Now something that I try to do, is go to the grocery store as much as possible and spend as much money as possible. Wait. No. Opposite (I know..I'm so funny I should definitely be on Saturday Night Live, which has been a lifelong dream I still plan on achieving). I try to make one big grocery trip every other week, and make ingredients last into the next week. I'll supplement the next week with leftovers, lean cuisines, pasta/rice with a veggie, or Morning Star veggie burgers. Sometimes I'll make exceptions to pick up necessities. Like yogurt, fresh fruit/veggies, and desserts for my friend's birthday, which thank goodness is Wednesday.  I have an idea for what I should make him, which I will not disclose here, but it is experimental. I am open to any ideas, so feel free to leave a link to your favorite dessert.

In the next couple weeks I will be drowning in reports, research papers, and portfolio stuff. But, as always, food is what gets me by. I will do my best to post the fantastic recipes that I am already dreaming of for the next few weeks, which will probably include pesto polenta cakes and mediterranean farro salad. Also, Steve and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday, so my mind is buzzing with restaurant ideas. I will keep you posted!

As always, happy eating.

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