Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Ziti Bake

Well, well my friends. My how absent I have been. Since I have written last (almost 3 months ago, yikes) I have been busy with finishing up the spring semester, two intense summer classes, two practicum sites, work, weddings, moving, and a little bit of fun squished in there. Now that I finally have time to breathe, I thought I would update you on a few of the fantastic recipes that I have tried over the past couple of months. Even though my posts have been lacking, my kitchen has been full of delicious treats and tasty entrees.

For one, Steve's brother's girlfriend (mouthful) got me and Steve a one-year subscription (I always mess that word up with "prescription", very different) for FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE. I just died. In addition, my most favorite thing about my move to the new apartment, besides Steve living with me, is my cookbook holder. Yes. It is black, and beautiful, and probably like 20 bucks at Target. Despite the money we have spent on a new TV, new couch, and decorations, my eyes are immediately drawn to that precious cookbook holder. It's the small things, isn't it?

Also, the kitchen itself in my new place is, well, magical. That would be an understatement. Let's just say you had me at the island. I've never seen such beautiful counter space in my life. No more using the stove to chop carrots, gone are the days of keeping bowls on the ground, and say goodbye to fighting with the microwave in order to fit my plate on the counter. It's been pretty wonderful, not to mention I have been on a streak of great recipes. Here a few great summer favorites that you should make IMMEDIATELY.

1. Orzo salad with shrimp and feta- so amazing, I had to make it twice. In one week. It was a hit with me and Steve for a Sunday night dinner on our balcony, and a smash on fourth of July. Super light, flavorful, and easy to make. If you didn't live with a trashcan like I do, Steve, than it would probably last you a whole week of meals. I'm preparing to gain 78 pounds this year.

2.  Barley salad- perfect for a night of grilling. We made this originally with steak, but this salad was clearly the show stopper. Another light dish for those hot summer nights. It also lasted almost a week because it makes so much, so it would be great for a party.

3.  Outrageous Brownies- CAUTION. WARNING. There is a pound of butter in these. That is what makes them so mindblowingly good. I think I might've just created a word, but if there was a dictionary entry, a picture of these brownies would be beside it. These brownies are so thick and rich, you will only need one (or 7) to satisfy you. The couple tablespoons of coffee grounds are an interesting and tasty addition. Can't go wrong with these suckas.

4.  Broken Lasagna with Zucchini and Tomato- the first recipe we made from the Food Network magazine...perfect week night meal. Steve made it for me on a random Wednesday night...I think it was a bit labor intensive as it required a lot of shredded zucchini, but well worth it. Especially if you have 5 boxes of lasagna all half full.

5. Spring-Summer Ziti- This was the first recipe I've made from my Rachael Ray orange book, something about cooking easily and other good stuff. It was pretty delicious, if you are interested in a heavier pasta dish with some asparagus and peas.

Okay friends, it's good to be back! More posts and pictures soon to come, I promise. Eat, drink, and be merry.


  1. Oh WOoooWWWoWooowww LoOk at that SeXy CoUnTeR.

    Food looks good too, I guess.

  2. I heart/miss you. Where do I find other Steve by the way? I need a cook.