Monday, July 16, 2012

One win, one fail.

Another post in less than a week, whaaaaat?! This is craaaaazy. So here is the deal my new kitchen is still amazing and I'm still obsessed with it. Also, I will probably call it my new kitchen in 2 years. When we leave it. I can't even begin to think about this. Also I think I'm spoiled.

Also I am bad at creating my own recipes. I can openly admit this. Also I say also too much. I'm a work in progress people. I am a great cook, yes (modest too). However, when it comes to throwing a meal together, I suck. Here is a classic example. Same night, same meal, two different recipes. The one that I actually followed - delish. The one that I threw together like some fabulous chef from a foodnetwork show - projectile vomit. Worse. Well...maybe not.

Okay, so first one. Chicken and Avocado salad with lime and cilantro. Straight up DELOYCIOUS. Ask my roomie, Caroline, partner in crime/cook/bake. It's good on its own, as well as on a sandwich. Also I hate when avocados get black in the fridge EWWWWWWWWWWWW. [[]]

The fail was an epic bomb of a dish. I bought some awesome cous cous/orzo/veggie dry mix from World Market (east coast peeps- World Market is like pier 1 but with delish food and tea and amazingness). So I thought I would cook the cous cous with some sauteed zucchini that I bought from the Tosa farmer's market. I don't know why I think grain + veggie will be delicious regardless of how it's cooked or what it's cooked with, but it is a problem that resulted in this. Steve offered up a pity smile as he choked it down...but I knew.


Looks deceivingly edible. However the cous cous was undercooked and there was literally no flavor. So I had no choice but to ruin my blood pressure by pouring buckets of salt on it. Thanks a lot. 

For workouts lately...wait what is that? Exactly. This is dangerous because I'm supposed to be on my game training for Tough Mudder in September. I've been trying to switch it up between P90x, Jillian Michaels, and the gym. At the gym lately, I switch between treadmill and elliptical, arms and abs/legs/butt. I'm going to try this tomorrow ( to try a HIIT interval workout for my cardio. For abs today, I did a routine that I learned from a Group X class. You use a bosu, and do five different exercises. Today I did basic crunches, circle crunches, leg extensions, and plank. Also I just realized that I did 4 instead of 5. Ooops. Anyways I did 20 of each for the first set, and went down to 10 each. It was quick and effective and made me feel SUPER GOOD about just eating half a pint of Phish Food. On that note, everyone enjoy your evening and as always, happy eating :)

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