Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Homemade Pizza

So are you guys like real proud of me? A blog post a week!? This is madness! I hope everyone is having a delightful summer so far. My summer recently has been full of happy hours, camping trips, supper clubs and old fashioneds (what is the plural of an old fashioned?), dancing, and mooching off my free pass to Steve's gym. As my roomie Caroline likes to say in reference to this summer, "ohmygod it's so hard to hang out with our friends and go out and drink every night, our life is soooo hard." It's tough to be 25 you guys.

Since this blog does include the word "travel" in it, which I often don't get to do as a busy/poor student, I thought I'd include some details about the traveling I have done. This past weekend, my roomies and I went to Plymouth Rock. Did you think that was in Massachusetts? It's not. It's a campground about an hour and a half north of Milwaukee. There I had my first Culver's experience, which is a midwestern fast food chain. Their most popular item? A butterburger. Since I obviously had to try everything on the menu, we ordered burgers, fries, cheese curds, custards, and heart surgery. If you couldn't tell, my eating lately has fluctuated from healthy (barely) to unhealthy/binging. It's been wonderful/terrible.

It was raining when we got to our camp site, so obviously we went to a bar, where we met a lovely bartender named Ben who played bar dice with us and bought us birthday shots. Obviously.

Since it was my roomie Tracie's birthday, her parents came to our campsite to help celebrate. They brought steaks to grill, which wasn't really happening in the rain. So they took us to a supper club. Supper clubs are all over Northern Wisconsin, and Tracie thought it was hilarious that Caroline and I had never been to one. They're kind of like restaurants where you drink old fashioneds and everyone knows each other, and it was fantastic. I had the grilled tilapia which was TO DIE FOR, as well as after dinner drinks with interesting names, such as the Pink Squirrel, Brandy Alexander, and the Desperate Housewife. All delicious. All with ice cream. I gained 45 pounds this week. Needless to say I was very excited.

To balance off all this relaxing, drinking, and eating fried food, I also ate some healthy things and worked out kind of. Since I'm half moved into the new place with Steve, things have been a little hectic and we found ourselves scrambling for dinner on a night where I was back and forth between apartments. Also this may have been because I forgot the main ingredient of what we planned on making. So we threw together a cool salad with shrimp, avocado, and hard boiled egg. If you are ever at a loss for dinner ideas and need something quick, throwing together a salad is usually easy and healthy. We also didn't have dressing, so I threw together some balsamic, oil, and lemon juice. Easy smeezy.

Steve and I were also in the mood for homemade pizza, especially because we recently purchased our first pizza stone :) So we made one plain pepperoni, and one from my fave blogger. It's a crispy shrimp pizza, with arugala and lemon. Super refreshing and light. Also we added a little ricotta, so maybe not as light. Here's the recipe: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2011/04/crispy-shrimp-pizza/

At the gym, I've been trying to switch up my workouts. I usually start with cardio, alternating between intervals on the elliptical, running 3-4 miles, or intervals on the treadmill. I usually do 45 minutes of cardio, and then do a 15-20 minute circuit. A couple circuits I've tried are ones that I found on pinterest:

100 jumping jacks
25 vertical leg crunches
30 crunches
20 squats
20 push-ups
50 russian twists
15 sec side plank each side
10 lunge split jumps
5 jump squats
40 high kneews

*repeat it as many times as you want, and decrease the number of reps in order to modify it.

15 backward leg lifts, each leg
15 side leg lifts, each leg
15 side lunges total
12 tricep pushups
12 tricep dips
50 bridges
30 jumping jacks
7 burpees
25 high knees

Happy eating!

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